I hope that this will be a resource to motivate, equip and encourage you in your Mary Kay business. Thank you for being an integral part of our team and continuing Mary Kay's mission of enriching women's lives!


the miracles continue!

We did it!  we sold over a million!

As a sales force we sold 1,029,940 Miracle 3D Sets! Mary Kay, Inc. gave $1,000,000 to the Mary Kay Foundation.

Seminar Year 2017-2018 Top Three In Sales

 Star Team Builder Renée Vlerick #1 in unit sales

Star Team Builder Renée Vlerick #1 in unit sales

 Senior Consultant Tammy Edwards #2 in unit sales

Senior Consultant Tammy Edwards #2 in unit sales

 Consultant Claire Adams #3 in unit sales. Claire also won our unit's Go-Give Award!

Consultant Claire Adams #3 in unit sales. Claire also won our unit's Go-Give Award!

Triple Time: January 1, 2018 - december 31, 2018
Our Unit goal is to TRIPLE our unit size to 99!
Our Unit goal this quarter is to have SIX star consultants. Will you be one? 

Winning Star ConsultantS
fourth Quarter:
mar 16 - june 15

Claire Adams: Sapphire
Tammy Edwards: Ruby
Renee Vlerick: Sapphire
Linda Adams: Pearl

Award Levels: 
Sapphire: 1800
Ruby: 2400
Diamond: 3000
Emerald: 3600
Pearl: 4800

On-Target Star Consultants
first Quarter: june 16 - sept 15

Tammy Edwards: 1205
Angela Quarles: 1047
Claire Adams:  617
Karen Ellrott:  609
Renée Vlerick:  608
Rica Stears: 600
Kim Carroll: 574
Linda Adams: 2734

At InTouch under “Contests,” print the Success Sheet at “Star Consultant 1Q”or go to this website’s Training Page to track business growth.

New "You hold the key" contest

Mary Kay Ash unlocked the door of opportunity for women all around the world. And now, You Hold the Key!

Each month during the 2018 – 2019 Seminar year that an Independent Beauty Consultant places a cumulative $600 or more wholesale Section 1 order, the door is opened to a monthly jewelry piece from the exclusive Mary Kay You Hold the Key Jewelry Collection by R.J. Graziano. And that's just the beginning!

Setting and achieving a retail selling goal to support a $600 or more monthly wholesale Section 1 order can be the key to consistent success. And every month, you'll discover a different Mary Kay-ism that gives you a path to follow. With new faces as your goal and the Mary Kay way as your guide, You Hold the Key to making your dreams come true!


august Key

Mary Kay Ash didn't just believe in goal-setting, she believed in goal-getting! She taught that once you set a goal, there is nothing that should get in the way of achieving it.

So during the month of August, Be a Goal-Getter! You know it would make our beloved founder so proud!

"A dream is just a wish until you act upon it.  Then it becomes a goal."

– Mary Kay Ash


Fall Consistency Challenge

Independent Beauty Consultants and Independent Sales Directors who achieve the Mary Kay You Hold the Key Challenge each month, July through December 2018, will receive the "You Hold the Key" Fall Consistency Challenge necklace by R.J. Graziano

✨  seminar attendees 2018 ✨

Karen Ellrott, Angela Quarles, Linda Adams, Renée Vlerick, Tammy Edwards. See the "Past Events" page for photos!