I hope that this will be a resource to motivate, equip and encourage you in your Mary Kay business. Thank you for being an integral part of our team and continuing Mary Kay's mission of enriching women's lives!


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first quarter star consultants

 Star Team Builder Renée Vlerick with her beautiful prize!

Star Team Builder Renée Vlerick with her beautiful prize!

 Senior Consultant Tammy Edwards with the gift certificate she chose!

Senior Consultant Tammy Edwards with the gift certificate she chose!

 Senior Consultant Karen Ellrott who also chose a gift certificate!

Senior Consultant Karen Ellrott who also chose a gift certificate!

Triple Time: January 1, 2018 - december 31, 2018
Our Unit goal is to TRIPLE our unit size to 99!
Our Unit goal this quarter is to have SIX star consultants. Will you be one? 

Winning Star ConsultantS
first Quarter:
june 16 - sept 15

Tammy Edwards: Sapphire
Karen Ellrott: Sapphire
Renee Vlerick: Sapphire
Linda Adams: Pearl

Award Levels: 
Sapphire: 1800
Ruby: 2400
Diamond: 3000
Emerald: 3600
Pearl: 4800

On-Target Star Consultants
second Quarter: sept 16 - dec 15

Tammy Edwards: 1297
Cassie Axsom: 1257
Renée Vlerick: 1213
Karen Ellrott: 1204
Shawna Packard: 609
Beverly Garland: 497
Monée Hauducoeur:  477
Linda Adams: 3609

At InTouch under “Contests,” print the Success Sheet at “Star Consultant 2Q”or go to this website’s Training Page to track business growth.

Mary Kay Ash Made the Golden Rule a Way of Life. And So Can You!

During this hectic holiday time of year, nothing is more rewarding than helping to make people’s lives easier. You can be the answer to their needs, with gifts for everyone on their lists. You can be their holiday beauty advisor, helping them find glamorous looks for their special events. You can even be the ear that listens when they’re feeling a bit overwhelmed from the cooking and wrapping and unending to‑do lists. You can treat them how you would want to be treated.

Golden Rule customer service is the one thing that separates us from every other company, and it is the heart of our business. So be sure to make it the heart of yours.

“If you will truly learn to live the Golden Rule, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you on a daily basis, in your every action and even in your thoughts, then your life will take on new meaning and so will the lives of those about you. Make every decision based on the Golden Rule, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and trying to think how she would like to have her problem resolved if you were in her shoes and she was in yours. I guarantee you that it works. Remember that you can never obtain riches until you begin to enrich the lives of others. All you send into the lives of others comes back into your own.”

– Mary Kay Ash


december Key

golden rule customer service:

Bring the spirit of the season to your customers with Golden Rule customer service. It’s what separates Mary Kay from every other company. You can earn the December bracelet in the Mary Kay You Hold the Key Challenge!



Fall Consistency Challenge

Independent Beauty Consultants and Independent Sales Directors who achieve the Mary Kay You Hold the Key Challenge each month, July through December 2018, will receive the "You Hold the Key" Fall Consistency Challenge necklace by R.J. Graziano

On-Target Consultants are Karen Ellrott, Renée Vlerick, and Linda Adams.

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